Palestinian Planning Minister Ghassan Khateeb reported on Sunday that there is an international plan to link the Gaza Strip with the West Bank by an underground road.

Khateeb told reporters in Ramallah that the Palestinian National Authority accepted the international plan to dig an underground road to link the Gaza Strip with the West Bank, adding that the road would not be a tunnel.

“This proposal includes a two-way highway, in addition to the possibility of building a railway in the future,” Khateeb said, “but Israel did not accept the proposal”, he added.

“Israel opposed a railway link between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank without any roads”, Khateeb stated, “Due to these differences, international parties are trying to present proposals to technical teams for review.”

Also, Khateeb added that the international bodies presented several proposals which support the Palestinian arguments; these proposals will be studied and compared with existing proposals. 

“We hope that Israel will be ready to cooperate in solving some of the   problematic issues which were  unsolved during the US-Palestinian summit which was held on Thursday”, Al-Khateeb added.