An Israeli source reported on Monday that the Israeli Defense Minster, Shaul Mofaz, is slated to visit Cairo on Wednesday, to meet the Egyptian President, Hosny Mubarak. Mofaz will also meet his Egyptian counterpart, Mohammad Ali Tantawi, and other senior Egyptian officials.

Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on Monday that Mofaz will discuss with Mubarak the issue of crossings between Israel and the Palestinian territories, and the Rafah Border Crossing, between Gaza and Egypt.

Mofaz is also expected to discuss the issue of claimed arms trafficking between Gaza and Egypt especially after Egypt vowed to deploy troops in Sinai in an attempt to foil any attempt to smuggle weapons and combat tools.

Also, Mofaz intends to discuss the latest incidents in the Palestinian territories and what was described by Israeli as the “escalation” carried by the Palestinian resistance groups, and the impacts of the homemade shells which are fired by the resistance at Sderot.

The Mofaz – Mubarak meeting will also discuss the role which Egypt plays on the political leveled, in addition to discussing other regional issues.

Earlier on Monday, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, visited the Egyptian President, Hosney Mubarak, and briefed him on his talks with the American President, George Bush, and asked for the Egyptian support in the efforts which aim to revive the economical situation in Gaza.