Israeli soldiers invaded, on Saturday morning, the West Bank city of Nablus and conducted military searches of homes. Palestinian resistance detonated an explosive charge near a military patrol during the invasion.

The army reported no injuries but said that at least two vehicles sustained heavy damage. The explosion took place after the resistance detonated a car bomb and opened fire at the invading forces.

A local source in Nablus reported that soldiers also invaded Balata refugee camp and conducted military searches of homes after firing at them.

Also, soldiers invaded Aseera Al Shimaliyya village, north of Nablus, and fired concussion grenades in the center of the village.

In a separate incident, a huge military force invaded Beta and Beit Forik villages, which are under strict military siege since two days, broke into dozens of homes and interrogated several residents.

Soldiers sealed the two villages after a resistance group fire at settlers vehicles in the area, Israeli army source reported.