Israeli air force gun ships launched two sound bombs over Gaza city Saturday at noon, causing a loud explosion, and dozens of school kids were treated for shock, eyewitnesses reported.
In the early hours of Saturday morning, an Israel aircraft launched three air strikes on in the Gaza Strip, at open areas and access roads claiming that these were used by Palestinian militants to launch rocket attacks against Israel.
The strikes caused heavy damage to roads and water and sewage lines.  Electricity was knocked out as the main transformer in the area was hit.
The strikes on Gaza are part of an ongoing offensive against Palestinian resistance groups started over a month ago, intensified since Wednesday’s suicide bombing of an open air market in the coastal city of Hadera, which killed five Israelis.
Since Wednesday, Israel has killed over 12 and arrested dozens in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Israeli army has setup two artillery batteries, south and north of the Gaza Strip and has beefed up its military presence at the borders of the strip in what seems to be a possible invasion.
Israeli army left the Gaza Strip last month under the unilateral disengagement plan, but remained present at the borders.