Israeli soldiers invaded overnight the village of Bil’in, near the Wets Bank city of Ramallah and arrested four residents, Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall told the IMEMC.

At least six military vehicles, including border guards police men, and dozens of infantry invaded the village approximately at 1 a.m on Saturday at dawn. Soldiers broke into dozens of homes and searched them.

Abu Rahma stated that international and Israeli peace activists, continuously present in the village, took pictures of the soldiers and the arrested residents in order to document the repeated attacks carried out by the army against the village and its residents.

The activists continuous report the military attacks carried against the residents in Bil’in in an attempt to stop their peaceful protests against the Separation Wall Israel is constructing on their orchards.

The arrested residents were identified as Basim Ahmad Yassin, 28, Basil Shawkat Al Khatib, 20, Khaled Shawkat Al Khatib, 19, and Mohammad Abdul-Fattah Bornat, 17 years old.

“The daily invasions against the village are part of the Israeli attempts to stop our protests against the Separation Wall”, Abu Rahma said, “The army told us that they will not leave us alone until we stop our protest and surrender to their Wall, but we are determined to continue our peaceful resistance against their wall and annexation plans”.

Israeli soldiers withdrew from the village after arresting the four residents.