Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yousef issued a statement vowing that the P.A will stop illegal weapon manufacturing workshops, and all weapons storage sites.

“We will deal with this issue firmly and seriously”, Yousef said, “We will locate all weapons storage and manufacturing workshops”.

Also, Yousef condemned the Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip which knocked out electricity in vast Palestinian areas.

Yousef urged an immediate international intervention to stop the Israeli shelling and violations, and called on the Palestinian armed factions to adhere to an eight-month truce.

Yousef did not specify what kind of action would the P.A be taking in order to deal with this issue, but said that the police would not be entering Palestinian homes. “We will confiscate any weapon we find in the streets, these weapons are considered tools for crime and chaos”.

Meanwhile, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fateh, slammed the statements of Yousef arguing that the weapons of the resistance are legitimate and are part of the legitimate resistance against the occupation.

The brigades said that resistance fighters “will continue to hold their weapons in order counter the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian land and people”.

Sources within the brigades said that the statements of Yousef provide protection for Israel while it continues its strikes and attacks against the Palestinian people, especially after the army killed seven Palestinians on Thursday.

The brigades demanded Yousef to take the needed procedures in order to defend the Palestinians and their factions.

Earlier on Saturday, and after shelling Palestinian areas in Gaza, the Israeli army dropped leaflets containing a telephone number for “the residents to call and inform the names and location of resistance fighters who intend to fire homemade shells.

Also in Tulkarem, north of the Wets Bank, soldiers handed the residents similar leaflets after invading the area.