An Israeli soldier was lightly wounded by a bomb when Israeli troops invaded the village of Qabatiya and the nearby city of Jenin in the northern West Bank, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli sources reported.

Troops arrested 12 Palestinians claimed to be Islamic Jihad operatives in Jenin area.
This invasion was the latest in a series of Israeli army operations against Palestinian armed resistance groups, with particular focus on the Islamic Jihad movement.
Israeli sources said that military operations in the Jenin and Tulkarem areas are expected to continue for several days, accompanied by strict travel curbs on Palestinians living in the area of the two cities.
In response to the series of Israeli military operations in the West Bank which resulted in the assassination of several Palestinian resistance fighters, Palestinian factions vowed revenge.
The first to attack was the Islamic Jihad whose operatives head the wanted lists of the Israeli military establishment.  Islamic Jihad Operative Hassan Abu Zeid from Qabatiya detonated an explosive belt he had on him in an open-air market in the costal Israeli city of Hadera, killing five and wounding at least 30, last week.
Israeli army staged up its operations to hunt down Islamic Jihad activists.  On the other hand, the White House voiced demands to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to crack down on the Palestinian resistance, especially, on the Islamic Jihad movement.