Two Israeli extremists attempted to abduct an Arab resident of Israel from Rahat area in the Negev, yet the Israeli police released them several hours after their arrest.

“You are an Arab? We hate Arabs, and your life is about to end!”

The two extremist claimed that they would give Ayman Hasan Abu Ghalion, 18, a ride from Sderot junction, south of Israel to the Beit Kama junction near Rahat.

As they were driving, they told Abu Ghalion that “his life is about to end in five minutes”, which forced him to open the door of the speeding vehicle and jump out.

Abu Ghalion, after finishing his work day in Sderot, was standing at the junction waiting for transportation when the Israeli car stopped next to him and “offered him a ride”; unaware of the real intentions of the Israelis in the car, he agreed and stepped in.

As the car took off, and started to speed towards the north, in the opposite direction of the desired destination.

“Why are you driving towards Beit Kama?” Abu Ghalion asked the driver. And the driver replied, “Are you an Arab? We hate Arabs and we will kill you in five minutes!”.

Abu Ghalion told the Arabs48 news website that he had no choice but to open the door of the speeding vehicle and jump out.

“I noticed that the driver was about to lock the doors with the car with the central lock system, so I opened the door fast and jumped out,” Abu Ghalion added.

An Israeli policeman, who happened to be driving behind the kidnappers’ car, called for an Israeli ambulance and chased the kidnappers. Abu Ghalion was admitted to Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva for treatment.

The policeman managed to catch up with and arrest the kidnappers. Abu Ghalion was called for testimony on the same day, but the kidnappers denied the charges and were released only six hours after they were arrested.

“I cannot understand why they were released”, the father of Abu Ghalion said, “If it was an Arab who abducted an Israeli resident, they would have filed charges and made an international case out of it”.