The new Chairman of the labor party Amir Peretz met on Tuesday with the opposition leader Yousef Lapid, chairman of the Shinui party to set a date for early elections, Israeli sources reported.

‘We agreed that we will go to elections,’ Lapid said at the end of the meeting which was held in his house.
Following rumors that he might rejoin the coalition with Sharon and replace the Labor party ministers, Lapid affirmed that he is not interested to save Sharon’s government and declared his intention not to join the government without Labor.
‘I do not intend to rescue this government from Peretz’s claws,’ Lapid said.
‘I told Peretz that I do not intend to join Sharon’s government if Labor leaves it. Shinui will vote Wednesday in favor of dissolving the Knesset. We think that the three parties (Likud, Labor and Shinui) should coordinate the date for elections,’ he added.
The secular-centrist Shinui was ousted from the government last year, after its ministers failed to support the national budget proposal as Sharon raised the share of the religious parties in the budget to win them to his side over the disengagement plan.
Peretz stated that his interest is to hold the elections in agreement with all parties, including Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
‘I am exerting all my efforts to prevent uncertainty and I hope that we will reach an agreement on a date,’ Peretz said.
Following his meeting with Lapid, Peretz is planned to meet with Orlev.
Labor ministers will decide on Tuesday in a factional meeting whether to submit their resignations that have been signed and placed with Peretz.  If decided, elections in Israel will be very soon.
Local observers believe that given the meeting between Labor and Shinui and the scheduled meetings with the religious parties will lead the Labor to decide to resign which will dissolve the parliament and Israel will have to prepare for early elections.
The bill to disband parliament was presented by MK Zvulun Orlev (National Religious Party) and Yitzhak Levi (National Union).