An Israeli Court sentenced, on Sunday, the Palestinian jailed legislator Husam Khader to seven years imprisonment and additional seven years on parole.

Coordinator of the Popular Committee for defending Khader, Taiseer Nasrallah, told the Arabs48 news website that the Salem Israeli military court announced its verdict after a long session on Sunday.  
Nasrallah stated that the prosecution charged that Khader provided an activist with financial support which was used to purchase explosives that were used in a military operation against the army.   
“This verdict comes after two years and nine months of legal proceedings”, Nasrallah said, “Khader did not admit to any of the charges filed against him”.
Also, Nasrallah added that the Israeli court and the military prosecution charged him of financing the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fateh and participating in carry attacks.
“But Khader denied these charges”, Nasrallah said, “The prosecution had to present a modified charges list”.
Nasrallah also said that he will file an appeal against the verdict against Khader who was arrested March 2003.