Israeli prosecution and defense attorney of Tali Fahima, announced on Wednesday morning that they have arrived to a bargain deal which, if it gets approved in court, it would end legal proceedings against her.

Fahima is known for her support to Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fateh, and its leader Zakariyya Zubeidi.
The Israeli prosecution filed several charges against Fahima, the most serious was accusing her of “aiding an enemy in the time of war”, and weapons possession.
The bargain states that Fahima admits to maintaining contacts with a foreign agent with the intention to harm Israel’s security, and passing information to the enemy in addition to violating a legal order of forbidding entry of Israelis into the Palestinian controlled area.
The prosecution will in return drop charges against her.
Originally, the Israeli prosecution claimed that Fahima translated and read to members of Al Aqsa Brigades sensitive materials the Israeli soldiers lost during an operation in the West Bank city of Jenin in May 2004.
The sensitive materials include information about capturing and assassinating fighters in addition to aerial photos showing access paths to the homes of the fighters.
Fahima was in Jenin in 2004 and accompanied Zubeidi who topped Israel’s wanted list. He was described by the prosecution as a foreign agent.
During the time she spent with Zubeidi, she allegedly met with fighters of Al Aqsa Brigades, and intended to serve as a human shield of Zubeidi, to prevent the army from assassinating him.
Also, the prosecution claimed that after obtaining the information, Zubeidi ordered his men to hide, and the soldiers failed to target them.
Fahima’s attorney and the prosecution agreed that she would receive a three-year imprisonment, and a suspended sentence which will go into effect if she violates any order forbidding her from crossing into closed military zones.
Fahima was arrested a year ago; this period would be deducted from her remaining prison time.
If the bargain is approved by the court, Fahima would be released in less than one year.
According to Israeli sources, the Prison Service discovered In September, that the Palestinian Authority (P. A) had been helping to finance Fahima’s purchases at the prison canteen.
She has been receiving a sum of 300 NIS a month during summer time to aid her in purchases from the prison canteen.