The Palestinian Journalist Block denounced the arrest of Al Jazeera reporter Awad Rajoub, and considered it part of the Israeli campaign against “the free voice, and truthful camera which reports on the continuous Israeli violations”.

The Block released a statement demanding the media in the Arab and international countries to reject any attack against media teams, and conduct the needed efforts to release the detained media workers.
Also the Block demanded the Palestinian Ministry of Information and the Ministers Council to act on the local and international levels, and to exert the needed efforts in order to release all of the detained journalists.
“Al Jazeera news channel became targeted by all occupation forces in this world”, the statement reads, “Occupation forces are targeting the reporters in Iraq, in Palestine and elsewhere”. 
Rajoub, 29, who works at the Al Jazeera electronic website, was arrested on Wednesday evening after the Israeli soldiers broke into his home in Hebron. An Israeli military source reported Rajoub was arrested “for security reasons”.