Israeli soldiers demolished, on Thursday, two homes and two shops in the area which separates between Barta’a Al Sharqiyya in the west Bank, and Barta’a Al Gharbiyya, inside the Israeli territories.

One of the demolished shops, which belong to Ramzi Kabha, is 600 square meters. Kabha told the Arabs48 news website that a large military force estimated by 500 soldiers, invaded the village on Thursday at dawn, and bulldozed the constructions.
He is a bearer of an Israeli identity card, and the land he owns is on the Palestinian side of the village.
Kabha added that soldiers instructed him to stop the construction two years ago, and that his lawyer provided the Israeli Authorities will all of the needed documents which proves ownership of the land, and construction license, yet the Israeli authorities decided to level it.
Dozens of residents from the village attempted to bar the army from leveling the constructions but we met by military violence.
Soldiers also leveled three homes which are still under construction, and one shop.