The Israeli army describes Hezbollah fighters, in its official documents, as fighters for freedom, Israeli Newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Thursday.

The paper said that the Operations Division at the Israeli army prepared a document which was emailed to all military prosecutors in the Israeli embassies and the foreign military deputies in Israel; the document described Hezbollah fighters as “Freedom Fighters”. 
The document which was entitled “A violent and aggressive assault along the northern borders” included a description of Hezbollah gunmen as freedom fighters. The report was documenting the attack which took place two weeks ago on the borders between the Golan Heights and the Lebanese territory occupied by Israel; four Hezbollah gunmen were killed in the attack.
Israeli military officials who read the document said that they were surprised when they noticed the Hezbollah fighters were described as freedom fighters, especially since this description contradicts with the Israeli official Israeli media policy; Israel considers and refers to Hezbollah Party as a terrorist organization.
The military officials said that this description does not apply of Hezbollah because “freedom fighters only target soldiers, and fight against foreign occupiers, but the whole world knows we withdrew from Lebanon”.
Also, Yedioth Ahronoth added that an Israeli political source said that this description gives legitimacy to the operation carried by Hezbollah.