An Israeli source reported on Thursday evening, that a Palestinian resident stabbed an Israeli soldier at the Qalandia checkpoint, north of Jerusalem.

The source stated that the soldier was stabbed with a knife in the back of his head, and died of his wounds a short time later.
The soldier was pronounced dead by a military doctor who arrived at the scene of the attack.
Soldiers arrested the resident and transferred him for interrogation at the Police headquarters in Jerusalem.
The stabbing attack took place approximately at 15:45; the assailant pulled out a knife, and stabbed the soldier seriously injuring him, before he died on his wounds, army source reported.
The source added that the assailant is a 29-year-old man, identified as Yousef Abu Adi, from Abu Nuema village, near Ramallah. He was transferred for interrogation by the Minority Department of the Jerusalem District Police.    
The Military Central Command ordered the closure of the checkpoint directly after the attack.
Lia Nirgad of the Machsom (Checkpoint) Watch Israeli organization arrived at the area a number of minutes after the stabbing.
“After the attack they [the soldiers] blocked the traffic from both ways”, Nirgad said, “Now the checkpoint is open for people heading to Ramallah, but residents who are attempting to pass from Ramallah to southern neighborhoods cannot do so”.