Israeli soldiers posted at the Qalandia checkpoint, south of the West Bank city of Ramallah, attacked and abused two Palestinian children on Monday afternoon, the (Machsom Watch) Israeli organization reported.

The organization places observers on main Israeli checkpoints and reports on violent activities and abuse carried at by the soldiers against the residents, in addition to reporting on any attacks carried out there.
Israeli daily newspaper Maariv reported that the two children (14, 16 years old) told their handicapped father, Khamis Bezawi, that they were attacked by the soldiers after they left the checkpoint.
Israeli military spokesperson denied any information on the attack, and said that no complaints were filed regarding this issue.
Lizzi Tzachi, an activist of Machsom watch, said that she was at the checkpoint when soldiers attacked the two children.  
“The roadblock was over crowded as a result of the military procedure, and the two children were crying”, Tsachi said, “The soldiers hit the children, and when their paralyzed father arrived, they treated him in a sadist manner”.  
Tzachi added that such incidents of violence and abuse at Israeli checkpoint have been significantly increasing.  
Two months ago soldiers detained a resident after claiming that he is wanted to the Israeli security, took him to one of the interrogation rooms at the checkpoint, and violently attacked him.
Recently, one soldier was killed at the Qalandia checkpoint, after a Palestinian resident stabbed him with a knife.