Arab member of Knesset Mohammed Barakeh admitted to core disputes that would prevent the formation of a united electoral list for the Arab community, in Israel, in upcoming Knesset elections.

Barakeh confirmed, "There are essential disputes between the front and some Arab parties in regards to their opinions on a number of issues. This has prevented any harmony among the parties, which is only natural”.
However, there are also common grounds and interests that could bring the Arab community together including an increase in the minimal electoral requirement.
In response to the accusation that Knesset members neglect the issues of Arab citizens, Barakeh said, “Knesset members from the Front and Arab lists constitute approximately seven percent of the total number of Knesset members, even though they are in charge of 30 percent of the general activists in the Knesset, the social issues in particular.
Barakeh said the Knesset’s periodical reports highlight the most active Knesset members, and that there is always at least one Arab MK mentioned, which refutes claims made by some media reports of their neglect.