Trøndelag County council, in Norway, voted on Friday in support of a decision to boycott the Israeli products; the county includes the third largest city on Norway, Trondheim, which is inhibited by 270000 residents. The total population in Norway is 4.600.000.

The notion was filed by a member of the Red Coalition (Communist Factions) and was supported by members of the Christian Progressive Party.
The support provided by the Christian progressive Party is considered huge shift in positions, especially since it is known of ideology which does not support the Palestinians, and in took several positions which were considered by some countries as anti-Arab and anti-Muslim.
Also, the Labor parties, leftist and central parties supported the proposal.   
The approved decision binds all municipalities in the county not to buy or sell Israeli products, which are widely spread there. 
This development was considered a dramatic shift in Norway, especially after the County council considered the Israeli occupation similar to the apartheid regime which existed in South Africa.
Recently, campaigns to boycott Israeli products in Norway have showed effective presence after it was scaled down in the last period. It started to develop again after the Left regained control over the country.
The Labor party in Norway was not fully decided on the boycott, since several differences were apparent among its members regarding this issue.
The boycott decision is expected to have significant effects on the Norwegian and European campaign which calls for imposing sanction on Israel as a result of its violations in the occupied territories. 
Yet, the Norwegian decision comes while several Arab countries are strengthening their economical ties with Israel. Some of the Arab countries which started to strengthen its ties with Israel are Jordan, The Arab Gulf Countries, Tunisia and Morocco.
Saudi Arabia became recently a member of the World Trade Organization, a move which could open trade cooperation between Israeli and Saudi Arabia.