Speaking at a political forum in the Israeli city of Be’er Shiva, on Saturday, Chairman of Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee Yuval Steinitz said Israel should launch a large-scale counter military operation, similar to “Defensive Shield” operation in 2002.

 “There is one solution and it isn’t artillery fire, but rather, a comprehensive ground operation”, Steinitz said, “We should carry an attack similar to the 2002 operating which was launched after the Park Hotel bombing”.
Another proposal by Steinitz was to impose a one-hour power outage in the Gaza Strip every time a Qassam lands in Israeli territory, with a one-day blackout in case of Israeli casualties.
“An absurd situation has been created where we provide them with electricity and they bomb the power station in Ashkelon”, Steinz added.
Referring to a large-scale ground operation, Steinitz said that thee are two alternatives; either the Palestinian Authority fights terror and at least undertakes a 100 percent effort, or the army will operate and carry a wide-scaled offensive.
Steinitz added he opposes artillery attacks on residential areas, adding that Israeli did not reach a situation where it can respond with massive fire and artillery barrage on Gaza population centers.