Israeli army issued three military orders to confiscate 231 Dunams from the West Bank cities and villages of Al Thahiriyya, Al -Sammou’ and Yatta, south and south west of Hebron on Monday.

Abdul-Hadi Hantash Palestinian, an expert of maps and settlements at the Palestinian Authority, said that Israeli army issued three military orders numbered T/185/05, T/186/05 and T/187/05 to grab 231 Dunams of the Palestinian farmlands in the south of the of Al Thahiriyya, Yatta and Al- Sammou’ village for the construction of the Separation Wall.
The lands are near roads number 60 and 317, used by settlers. The annexed lands also lead to the illegal settlement of Carmi’el, south east of Hebron.
This plan was approved by the Israeli minister of Agriculture, Yesral Katz, aiming at annexing the agricultural lands in the area, and expanding the Israeli settlements.
Hantash added that the Palestinian areas there will be turned into isolated cantons after the army constructs streets for the settlers, and installed iron gates, and roadblocks around the Palestinian areas.
Israel claims that these land are not own by the residents, and that they are “state lands”.