Israeli army arrested, on Monday at dawn, two residents from the West Bank city of Hebron after invading it.

A source at Anasr Al Sajeen Society (Prisoners Supports Society) in Hebron reported that Israeli soldiers arrested two residents from Hebron after invading it and conducting military searches of homes.
One of the arrestees was identified as Nidal Mohammed Salah, 29. His wife said that troops broke into the family’s house located at the city’s main entrance, and searched it prior to arresting her husband who works as a secretary of the Islamic School for Boys,  in Hebron.
Meanwhile, Palestinian detainees and Hebron Office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society called on the International Human rights organizations to pressure Israel in order to release resident Mahmoud Al Hroush, 53, imprisoned in Gush Atzion Interrogation Center, near Hebron, since 21/12/205.
Sources at the Society reported that Al Hroush suffers bad health conditions; cancer, kidney failure, irregular heart beats, in addition to sight loss which occurred as a result of torture during interrogation.