The Israel Radio reported, on Saturday, that an Israeli inter-ministerial team is scheduled to begin working on Sunday on formulating Israel’s official stand if Hamas takes control over the Palestinian Authority after elections.

The team was formed following assessments that Hamas is expected to do well in the January 25 Palestinian Legislative elections.
This team which will be headed by Dov Weisglass, the advisor of the Israeli Prime, Minister Ariel, will include Shin Bet and security officials as well as Foreign Ministry representatives.
Weisglass will also raise the issue of Hamas taking control of the PA in a meeting he is scheduled to hold with U.S. envoy David Welsch in Jerusalem later on.
Welch is expected to arrive to the region in a few days.
The radio quoted Shimon Peres, who recently joined Kadima party, saying on Saturday that if the Hamas takes control over the PA, the continuation of the road map peace plan would be questionable.