Israeli soldiers shot and injured, on Sunday, two residents in Kafr Al Deek village, near the West Bank city of Salfit, one resident was also arrested during the invasion.

Over the last several days, soldiers conducted repeated invasions in the village   
Jamal Abdul-Hamid Al Deek, head of Kafr Al Deek village council, said that soldiers arrested Rami Ratib Al Deek, and injured his father after firing at him. The father was hit by a rubber-coated bullet in his leg after the soldiers broke into his house and searched it, damage was reported.
Al Deek added that resident Rafat Mohammad Shaha was hit by two rubber-coated bullets fired at him while he was heading back home from the nearby village of Dir Ghassana. Soldiers released their military dogs at Shaha after he was shot and injured.
Also, an aged woman identified as Salha Shihada Al Deek, was seriously injured after she was attacked and bitten by the military dogs when soldiers broke into her home.
On Saturday at night, soldiers invaded the village and broke into the house of Salman Al Deek, 54, after hurling several sonic-bombs inside his house.
Soldiers forced the family out of their house, kept them under the rain, and searched it causing damage to the furniture and belongings.