The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine called on its supporters to boycott the upcoming Palestinian Legislative Council elections scheduled for January 25.

The movement said that the elections are based on the Oslo accords which it does not recognize.
Nafith Azzam, one of the prominent leaders of the Islamic jihad in Gaza said on Monday morning that the decided to boycott the elections "because they are part of the Oslo agreement", and that the foundations of the legislative council are based on the Oslo agreement.
Also, Azzam added that the movement is not considering any renewal of truce with Israel because it not honor the truce deal achieved earlier last year and continued the military operations and assassinations, and arrests, against the members of the movement and other Palestinian factions.   
He added that the movement will not deliberately carry bombings in Israel during the elections, and that the movement does not operate on personal motives.
"The movement defends our people", he said, "We do not conduct operations just to prove a point, or oppose another".