Abu Mahmoud, a spokesperson of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh, reported that the brigades will not accept any political partnership with the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.

Abu Mahmoud stated that the Brigades respects the results of the legislative council elections, which brought Hamas to power with a vast majority, but will not accept any political partnership between Fateh and Hamas.
"The brigades will continue its resistance activities against the occupation, "Abu Mahmoud stated, "We will remain united under one flag and preserve the achievements of our people throughout the years of struggle".
Responding to a question raised by a correspondent of the Maan News Agency, Abu Mohammad denied allegations of corruption among the Fateh young guard, and accused the "old guard" of the movement, and its central committee of weakening it, adding that the old guard should resign from their leading posts.    
In regards to a suggestion made by Khaled Mashal, Hamas leader in Damascus, to form a popular army to protect the Palestinian people, Abu Mohammad said that the Brigades are still studying the issue.