Israeli sources said that the army arrested 8 residents from West Bank cities, in an overnight sweep. The arrestees included four Islamic Jihad activists and two others from Hamas from the West Bank cities of Tullkarem and Hebron. In addition, two activists from the Fatteh movement south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem were also arrested.

More than 20 Israeli armored vehicles invaded Tulkarem Thursday at dawn and broke into a number of homes in the eastern part of the city .They  arrested Amjad Awwad, a teacher in an Islamic school there. They also, invaded another area near Tulkarem. No arrests were reported.
Tulkarem and its suburbs remain under strict closure for the fifth day. Eyewitnesses reported that soldiers posted on Al kafreyat checkpoint south of Tulkarem banned vehicles from leaving the city.  After along delay, residents were allowed to cross the checkpoint on foot. However, Enab gate east of Tulkarem remains closed.
These procedures were imposed in the wake of the assassination of Nedal Abu Saadah, a senior leader of the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement on Monday.