An Israeli military source reported on Friday afternoon that fighters of the Lebanon based Hezbollah party shelled Israeli military bases in the occupied Shiba Farms on Israel-Lebanon border, a day after a Lebanese shepherd boy was killed by Israeli forces.

The source stated that the attack targeted a military installation in the Har Dov area, north of the country.
Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that Hezbollah fighters fired anti-tank shells and mortars at the military post; one soldier was mildly injured.
Haaretz added that Israeli artillery, following the attack, shelled several areas on the Lebanese side of the borders.
The escalation on the Israel-Lebanon border was triggered after Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 17-year-old Lebanese shepherd, at the borders, on Wednesday.
Following the incident, the army increased its deployment along the borders, and prepared for possible escalation.
Israel withdrew from the Shiba Farms, in 2002 after 22-year occupation; tension on the borders escalates every time the Israeli forces infringement the Lebanese sovereignty.
Hezbollah fighters carry attacks along the borders every time Israeli air force carries flights over the Lebanese airspace, or when the army operates along the borders.    
Recently, the Security Council authorized recently the UN peacemakers to remain in the area for additional six months. The force was deployed after Israel invaded Lebanon in 1978.