Ezzet Al-Resheq, political bureau member of the Hamas delegation currently visiting Egypt, reported on Tuesday that the delegation would head to Qatar, Sudan and Saudi Arabia and other Arab and Islamic countries, the Palestine-info reported.

Al-Resheq stated that a number of countries had extended invitations to the Movement and "We will meet those invitations within the few coming days".
Al-Resheq was speaking to reporters after a meeting held at an early hour today between the Hamas delegates and Omar Suleiman, director of the Egyptian intelligence.
Asked on the meeting with Suleiman, the Hamas leader said that it was in line with consultations with the Egyptian leadership on Palestinian developments, ideas for the next stage in the Palestinian arena and continuation of Egyptian support to the PA in addition to means of confronting American-led western pressures that attempt to punish the Palestinian people for its democratic choice.
Resheq denied that the Egyptian intelligence chief had set the condition that Hamas should recognize Israel or disarm, affirming that the movement was in absolute understanding of the de facto situation with Israel and would deal wisely with that fact in a way not harming the Palestinian people.
Resheq affirmed that other meetings are expected with Egyptian officials over the next two days.
Egyptian sources asserted that the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubrak, is expected to meet later on Tuesday night, with the Hamas leaders for the first time. The leaders arrived in Cairo on Saturday.
Resheq added that talks between Hamas leadership and Fateh are still underway including, talks with other factions, in an attempt to form a national coalition government.