Saturday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded the Jenin refugee camp and attempted to assassinate Ashraf Al Saadi, leader of the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad. Al Saadi was moderately injured. Four residents were arrested in separate incidents.A local source in the camp reported that under-cover military units of the Israeli army infiltrated into the camp and exchanged fire with Al Saadi and other fighters.

Al Saadi suffered a gunshot injury in his waist, another resident identified as Ameen Abu Siriyya, 23, was moderately injured after being hit with a bullet fragments.   

On Saturday at dawn, soldiers supported by twenty armored vehicles invaded the camp, fired rounds of live ammunition at several homes, and arrested three youth.  

The three residents were identified as Mohammad Abu Al Kamel, 18, Rami Abu Ghalion, 18, and Fadi Wishahi, 16.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Al Saadi, one of the prominent leaders of the Islamic Jihad in Jenin refugee camp, said on Saturday that soldiers surrounded two fighters
of the brigades in a neighborhood of the camp and exchanged fire with them.

The gun battle erupted after the soldiers attempted to arrest Husam Jardat, 42, one of the leaders of the brigades. Jaradat managed to escape unharmed.

In Sielet Al Thaher village, near Jenin, Israeli soldiers arrested Eyad Rahhal, 22, after breaking into his home earlier on Saturday. Rahhal was transferred to an unknown destination.