Monday evening, one Palestinian child and one woman were injured in Al Fawwar refugee camp, south of the West Bank city of Hebron.A medical source in Hebron reported that Ashraf Mohammad Al Najjar, 14, and Mona Thaher Abu Miqdim, 28, where injured by live rounds fired by Israeli soldiers, and were transferred by the army to Soroka Hospital in Bir Shiva.

Al Najjar suffered injuries in his leg and shoulder, while Mona was hit by two live rounds in her waist.   

A paramedic in Hebron reported that he was informed, on Monday afternoon, of injuries at Al Fawwar junction, but when he and the other paramedics drove their ambulance to the area, soldiers barred them from taking the patients.

Soldiers then transferred the injured residents to an Israeli hospital.

Soldiers claimed that bottles were thrown at military vehicles, and that the two residents were injured after the soldiers fired back at the location where the bottles were thrown from.