After a 17 year old boy was shot and killed early Thursday morning, Israeli forces continued their assault on the crowded neighborhoods of Balata refugee camp, killing four more Palestinians and injuring dozens more during the day on Thursday.
The six Palestinians killed Thursday have doubled the death toll of the five-day attack on the city of Nablus and Balata refugee camp.

Those killed Thursday have been identified by medical sources as 17 year old Ibrahim Mohammad Ali Saidi, who died of gunshot wounds in his stomach; 24 year old Naim Abu Saris, who died of gunshot wounds in various parts of his body; 32 year old Hamouda Shawi, who died of gunshot wounds; 34 year old Mohammad Khamis Amar, who also died of gunshot wounds; and Abu Ali Smari, 20 years old — also died of gunshot wounds.

Among the more seriously injured in the melee are 18 year old Mu’atesem Saqif Al Hayt, hospitalized with bullets in his left leg, and a 24 year old man, Wisam Juma’, critically injured with a bullet wound in his face.

Israeli forces have been firing randomly into crowded residential neighborhoods in the impoverished camp, say eyewitnesses & nbsp; The soldiers have been opening fire on ambulances and journalists attempting to work inside the camp. Among the injured is a cameraman from Nablus TV, Zaid Mashak.

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Two killed, including a child, in Israeli re-invasion of Balata Refugee Camp

2006-02-23 12:29:23

Thursday morning, Israeli forces killed 17 year old Ibrahim Mohammad Ali Saidi and Naim Abu Sariis, 24, in Balata Camp & critically injured 24 year old Wisam Juma’ and Fereh Kuaa, a 63 year old taxi driver, in the fifth straight day of invasions of the Camp, located in Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank.

Israeli forces backed by bulldozers, military jeeps and armored personal carriers invaded the city of Nablus and Balata refugee camp  in the early morning hours, while Apache helicopters continue to circle overhead, Maan News Agency reported.


After a four day invasion which killed five Palestinians and injured dozens, Israeli forces withdrew for just part of one day on Wednesday.

Ibrahim Mohammad Ali Saidi, 17, was killed when Israeli soldiers randomly shot in the camp’s Dahaia neighborhood.
At least 50 Israeli military vehicles backed by bulldozers reinvaded Nablus just after midnight, and closed Al Quds Street in the south and Al Maslekh, east of the city with roadblocks.
Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces broke into several houses and buildings in the Al Dahia neighborhood, converting them into military installations. One of the houses searched is the home of Jamal Al Jeremy.
Early Thursday morning several armed resistance groups shot back at the Israeli soldiers and vehicles.  Israeli forces used teargas to disperse the fighters and continued the invasion. In that exchange no injuries were reported.
Israeli forces have been in Balata Refugee Camp Since Sunday, except for withdrawing for part of Wednesday.
And now, Thursday morning after a half day and night break, Israeli forces are back inside the camp, and several homes have once again been turned into Israeli military installations, as the attack on the refugee camp continues.