Khaled Mashal, Hamas political chief, said during a phone interview on Thursday that the movement is ready to hold talks with anybody, including the U.S, except for Israel, and called on the Israelis to elect “a moderate government” in the coming elections.The statements of Mashal came during an interview with Al Shams Arab radio station based in Nazareth. Mashal is based in the Syrian capital Damascus.

"We are entering government open-minded, and are ready for negotiations with everyone in the world, including the U.S” Mashal reported, “But we cant negotiate with Israel while it continues to occupy our land”.

He appealed to Israeli to elect a moderate government that is ready to withdraw from all of the occupied territories.

“If the Israelis believe that electing a radical right-wing party or leadership in reaction to Hamas’ victory, they are extremely wrong”, Mashal added, “I am telling the Israeli public, especially the Jews, that the aggression and the occupation do not end the conflict”.

Mashal added that Hamas will continue its struggle until reaching Palestinian independence, and that Israel should end its occupation if they want to extend their hand for peace.

Also, Mashal said that he trusts the Arab countries and leaders of the Arab world  will financially support the Palestinian Authority, P.A, after Israel decided to freeze the transfer of funds to the P.A.    

Addressing the Arab residents of Israel, Mashal said that the Palestinians in the occupied territories and in Israel are “brothers and one nation”.

“We do not intend to interfere in their internal affairs because we understand their special and sensitive situation”, Mashal added, “We will not interfere in the decisions they make”.