In its statement issued on Friday, the International organization  for Physicians without  borders denounced the Israeli army’s  attacks against the  Palestinian medical  teams while on duty in the Palestinian West Bank  Balata refugee camp during the Israeli army invasion of the camp since the beginning of this week.
The statement said that since Sunday until Thursday, 70 people most of them were civilians were injured, nine others were killed in another one who is clinically dead and was transferred on Thursday to Al- Maqased Hospital in Jerusalem.
 It added that , on last Thursday invasion on the  balata camp, 3 members of the Palestinian medical teams were injured.Two of them were transferred to nearby governmental hospital of  Rafedyah, while the soldiers took the third one who was critically injured in the head , to unknown destination
The soldiers prevented for almost half an hour, other medical teams from treating injured members of the medical teams.
 During the invasion, Israeli soldiers took the midecal teams as human shields that separating them and their military jeeps from the youth who hurled stones at them.
The soldiers had repeatedly obstructed the medical teams from conducting their work by closing all of the camp entrances with roadblocks. Few of the medical team members were allowed to move inside the camp and were stopped several times before reaching those injured or while moving them.
Ibrahim Habib, one of the ambulance vehicles driver and field coordinator of  Doctors for human rights  organization said  "it took us long time to move an injured because the Israeli army checked and investigation of  us more than three times in each direction inside the camp"  
Habib added that he denounced this attack targeting civilians and the medical teams, which contradicts with the International law mainly Geneva fourth accord which gives the medical teams the freedom of movement during any military operation.