Israeli Defense Minster, Shaul Mofaz declared on Sunday intensifying the Israeli army attacks against Palestinian resistance fighters, Israeli sources reported.

During an Israeli cabinet weekly meeting , Mofaz said that he ordered the army to further carry out military operations, under the pretext of halting "terrorist" attacks against Israelis.

Mofaz considered the recent killings and arrests across the West Bank as ‘limited liquidations’ of  Palestinian armed men in the West bank and the Gaza Strip, in a time  the Israeli air forces heightened up air strikes, targeting Palestinian resistance’s crudely-produced shells.

During a joint press briefing  with the US Middle East peace envoy,  David Welch, Mofaz said that Israel will not accept a likely Hamas’s organization-based relations with the Iran-backed  Hezbullah that would, according to him, reinforce ‘Iran domination’ over the Palestinian Authority and extend the axis of evil, including Syria, to the region

Meanwhile, former Chief of Israeli intelligence and candidate of the Israeli newly-formed party, Kadima, Avi Dechter, warned of turning the life of Palestinians into hell if the shelling and air strikes failed to prevent launching of crudely-produced Palestinian rockets into Israel.
In an interview with Israel Radio, Dechter reiterated his threats to reinvade the Gaza Strip,  saying that the Israeli army knows where to go into the north of the Gaza Strip to halt launching such attacks.

Dechter had previously demanded the Israeli government to reoccupy the Gaza Strip to stop the Palestinian resistance attacks against Israel.