Dr. Osama Al-Baz, senior advisor of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday called Israel not set preconditions to resume talks with the Hamas led Palestinian Authority.

Al-Baz added that Israel does not have the right to chose who should represent the Palestinian People, saying that Israel must respect the results of the latest Palestinian Parliamentary democratic elections which Hamas won.
He said that the conflict between Hamas and Israel is negotiable and both parties should exchange benefits equally.
The senior official affirmed his rejection to the occupation in all its forms saying that Israeli should accept any compromise that Hamas may present.
On the other hand, Israeli sources claimed that Egypt asked Israel to allow Hamas a six-month trial period before it declares boycott to the Palestinian Authority.
Israel Radio said the Egyptian government would send its intelligence chief Omar Suleiman to Israel in the coming days in order to present the plan to senior Israeli officials.
Israel has stopped negotiations with the Palestinian Authority over a year ago, with an exception of a failure summit meeting in June 2005, prior to the unilateral disengagement plan, in which Israel pulled out from Gaza Strip and four small West Bank settlements in Israel conducted in September of the same year.