The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and the newly elected Palestinian Legislative Council, (PLC), on Wednesday morning condemned the attacks on Palestinian refugees in Iraq which has caused the death of ten since last Wednesday.

The Palestinian in charge of Iraqi Affairs, Dalil Qusous, verified on Tuesday that the Wolf Brigades of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, including the militias of Abdul Azziz Al Hakim, had launched an attack on the Palestinian citizens in the Baladiat and Zafraniah neighborhoods in eastern Baghdad.

The US Embassy was contacted in order to ensure the security of the Palestinian community in Iraq and to avoid any massive killings.

Three days ago armed men broke into the home of the father of the former attaché Najah Abdul Rahman. They took his two brothers who were later found dead in the Thawra neighborhood. And even more recently armed men killed the Imam in another mosque.

Qusous said that Palestinians living in Iraq have no problems with any of the Iraqis and called for the protection of Palestinians in the country.

He added that Palestinian President Abbas telephoned the Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani, urging him to protect the Palestinian people there. President Abbas asked that the Iraqi President do everything possible to put an end to the attacks and aggressions, and to provide a secure situation for the Palestinians.

 The press release also stated that these attacks threaten the good ties that connect the Palestinian Authority and the Iraqi nation, and asked Muslim leaders in Iraq to bring the perpetrators to justice.
Also, PLC members made clear that the Palestinian refugees are in Iraq temporarily and they will come back to Palestine when the state is established.