Ismail Haniyeh, the designated Palestinian Prime Minister from the Hamas movement, held Israel responsible for the terrorist attack carried by three newish attackers against the Basilica of the Annunciation church in Nazareth, north of the country.Haniyeh stated that the “hate culture which Israel is feeding its residents against the Palestinians, and their holy Muslim and Christian holy sites” has motivated this attack against the church.

The attack was carried out by Haim Eliyahu Habibi , his wife and daughter.

The Israeli police claimed that the man who carried the attack had mental problems and was not a religious extremist.

Boulos Rececinto Marcuzzio, a bishop in Nazareth and the vicar of the Latin patriarch, said that these terrorist attacks are main causes of concern, and makes the church ask for legal protection in the country.  

According to the Israeli online daily Haaretz, Meretz-Yahad Chairman, Yossi Beilin, is to meet with Catholic leaders and Nazareth municipal officials following the church attack.

On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of residents participated in a protest organized by the Arabic follow-up committee, and Nazareth municipality, against the terrorist attack against the church.

Several Arab leaders and Arab members of the Knesset participated in the protest, in addition to Christian and Muslim religious leaders.  

Arab member of Knesset (MK) Azmi Bishara, National Democratic Assembly, slammed the the Israeli minister of internal security, Gideon Ezra, for inciting against the Arab leaders in Israel during his speeches.  

Ezra claimed that the Arab leaders are using the terrorist attack against the Church in order to achieve gains among the public.   

MK Mohammad Barakeh, Hadash-Taal Party, warned that Israel extremists might be planning further attacks against the Arabs in Israel.

Also, Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement, said that he received information that the attacker first went to the white mosque in Nazareth, but found out that the number of worshipers was “not large enough” and decided to carry the attack in the Church.

Salah considered this attack as a an organized crime against one of the most holy sites in the country.