Qassam Abu Baker, 16, from Yabad village, near the West Bank city of Jenin, lost his finger during investigation in Israeli detention center of Salem.

Qassam’s brother Rami said that Qassam was allowed a phone call with his father when he was in the hospital.

Qassam told his father that an officer, other than the interrogator, entered the interrogation room and yelled at him "You are Qassam Abu Baker? do we have another Qassam in Yabad?" said Rami.

Apparently, the soldier referred the home-made Qassam shells that the Palestinian resistance groups fire at Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip. 

The boy added that when the officer left he intentionally pushed him at the door and strongly slammed the door, cutting off Qassam’s finger which happened to be between the hinges of the door.  He said the interrogator was quarreling with the other officer who chopped his finger and heard him saying, "this is wrong."

The boy was transferred to Affoula hospital in northern for treatment, and underwent a successful operation to reattach his finger.

Abu Baker was arrested earlier this month when the soldiers invaded the village and operated there; Abu Baker and another child identified as Murad Kilani were arrested.

The two children were transferred to Salem Israeli Prison for interrogation, and were transferred later on to Ofer prison.

The boy told a lawyer who visited him, that he is suffering sever pain because the clinic at Ofer prison lacks appropriate drugs.

The family expressed concerns over the health of their child saying that his rights have been violated, and called on human rights organizations to intervene to get him released.