Dr. Azeez Dweik, Palestinian Legislative Council spokesman, member of Hamas movement, reported on Sunday that the American Consulate in Israel contacted one of Hamas candidates to be a minister in the upcoming government and threatened him that “steps of punishment” may be taken against him is he accepts the post.
The threat, according to Dweik, includes barring the minister, who remained unidentified, from entering the U.S.   

Dweik, talking to an American TV, stated that "if the United States of America offers to give us the riches of the world, and abandon Jerusalem, we will reject the offer”.

Also, Dweik met with students of Al Najah University in Nablus and said that the world is placing pressure of Hamas in order to do concessions regarding the principles of independence and the the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.  

Referring to the demands of the International Community, Dweik said that these pressures are centralized in three main issues; recognizing Israel, armed resistance, and recognizing the signed agreements with Israel.

“The P.A gained nothing after it recognized Israel” Dweik said, “Resistance will continue because the people want to resist the occupation, as for the signed agreements, Hamas will recognise every agreement that serves the Palestinian interests and aspirations”.

Commenting on aid to the P.A, Dweik said that Hamas will reject any “conditional aid” and that the Palestinians will “prefer to starve and die rather than giving up their rights”.

He also said that Hamas will form the new government, but it is still waiting to complete its dialog with Fateh movement.

Dweik slammed the Israeli policies against the Palestinians, and condemned Israel’s policy of “forcing facts on the ground” adding that these facts only serve the Israeli policy of expansion, in addition to continuing the occupation and control over the people and their land.