The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, warned on Tuesday that Israel is conducting a serious escalation and attack by invading the West Bank city of Jericho and surrounding the Jericho Prison where Ahmad Saadat, and other political detainees are imprisoned.Saadat is the secretary general of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesperson, reported that this Israeli attack is a serious escalation that could cause further escalation to the situation in the occupied territories.

Abu Zuhri called on the International community to carry its obligations and ensure the safe release of Saadat and all political detainees from Palestinian prisons.    

Also, Abu Zuhri added that Hamas cannot recognize the agreements signed with Israel since Israel never respected any of its obligations and continued its assaults and violations against the Palestinian people.
"Regretfully certain parties are now asking us to recognize those agreements, which we absolutely reject," he elaborated.

Three Palestinians were, including a P.A officers, were killed in the ongoing attack, and at least 25 were injured, five seriously.

The army is currently bulldozing and shelling the prison and the Palestinian headquarters in the city. Troops leveled the wall surrounding the prison and several constructions there.  

The army surrounded the prison and started shelling it after American and E.U guards supervising and guarding the facility left the area before soldiers attacked the area.  

Saadat accused the U.S and E.U of conspiring with Israel by evacuating the guards from the prison compound before Israel carried its attack.