Palestinian sources confirmed that Ahmad Sa’adaat, Secretary General of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine and four of his comrades allegdly accused of killing the Israeli Minister Rehavam Zevi in 2001.

The source also confirmed the arrest of Fuad Al Shobaki, who is accused of bein ginvolved in attempting to enter the Karine A ship which was fully loaded of arms to the Palestinian areas.
Sa’adaat was seen taken by Israeli troops by separate vihecle to an unknown destination after he walked out with scors of prisoners from Jericho prison.
An Israeli military spokesman said the wanted people are arrested but the operation is not over yet.
He added that Israeli troops arrested over 200 Palestinians in this invasion.
Barghouthi: The International Community Should be ashamed for what happens in Palestine today
Member of the Palestinian Parliament Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi said the International community should be ashamed of the Israeli attack against unarmed prisoners in Jericho prison.
Barghouthi who said it took him ten hours to arrive to Jericho from Ramallah, described the Israeli invasion to the Jericho prison as a crime that the international community should immediately intervene to stop.
He accused US and UK governments of being involved in a conspiracy with the Israeli government to invade the prison.
British and American security officers withdrew from Jericho Prison 20 minutes before the Israeli forces invaded the area.
Barghouthi said, the British and American security officers in Jericho prison are the ones to provide protection to the prisoners, in response to statements by the British Foreign Minister Jack Straw that the security officers fled the prison because they were not secured.
Ahmed Sa’adat, Secretary General of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and five of his comrades who are allegedly accused of killing the Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Zevi in 2001, in addition to Fuad Al-Shoubaki who is accused of being involved attempting to enter the Karine A ship that was full of arms to the Palestinian areas in 2002.
Scores of Palestinians who were inside the prison gave themselves up to the Israeli forces after the Israeli tanks and bulldozers destroyed most of the prison structure.
The prisoners were forced to undress before they turn themselves in.
Sa’adaat and his comrades’ fate is still unknown.
In response, Al-Quds Abu Ali Mustafa brigades of the Islamic Jihad and PFLP fired two home-made shells at Israeli targets to the east of Gaza Strip.  No damage was reported.
On the other hand, Israel closed the King Hussein Bridge and the Rafah crossing Terminal, the only two paths for Palestinians to go in or out of the West Bank.
European observers in Rafah crossing terminal left before Israel closed the terminal.
In addition, at least 10 Internationals have been kidnapped by gunmen, 8 in the Gaza Strip and 2 in the West Bank.  The gunmen demanded Israel to stop its operation in Jericho for them to release the hostages.
In response, the British consulate advised its residents in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to leave immediately.
Neta Golan, an Israeli peace activist, coordinator of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) together with another British peace activist were arrested upon her attempt to enter the prison to show solidarity with the besieged Palestinians.
Golan managed to enter the PA headquarters in Ramallah when it was under siege in 2002 and stayed with the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat during the forty days of siege.
So far three Palestinians have been killed and at least 35 have been injured in the attack.