Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, announced that it has finalized the formation of its government, and that the acting Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya,  will present the government during a pres conference on Saturday at 16:00 Palestine time (+2 GMT).
"Hamas has ended the formation of the government, the cabinet is ready to be presented to President Mahmoud Abbas in a meeting to be agreed with him", Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas official spokesman told Reuters.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to arrive in Gaza on Saturday; Hamas will present the government formula to him before submitting it to the Palestinian Legislative Council for approval on Monday.

Also, the movement said that it will hold a meeting with the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to negotiate the ministries that will be given to it, but source in the PFLP reported that the front did not officially decide joining a Hamas-led government.

Meanwhile, Fateh movement, Al Badeel coalition, the Third Way coalition, and independent Palestine coalition will not participate in the Hamas-led government.

Sources in Hamas said that the government will most likely include members of Hamas, independent figures, and technocrats.

Israeli online daily Haaretz, reported that Hamas leaders have chosen Omar Abdul-Raziq, member of Hamas,  to be the Palestinian Minister of Finance. The decision could bolster the Israeli-American campaign to economically isolate the Hamas-led government.       

Abdul Raziq, a professor at Al Najah University, was arrested by Israeli forces early in January and was released three days ago, Hamas sources said.

The Palestinian Ministry of Finance is responsible for paying the salaries of some 140.000 employees and security forces.

Recently, Middle East envoy James Wolfensohn, warned that if the international aid to the Palestinian Authority is cut off and salaries are not paid, violence could break out in the area especially since one in four Palestinians is dependent on wages from the P.A.

Meanwhile, donor countries are discussing the formation of a trust fund that would pay the salaries of P.A employees in a way that would bypass the Hamas government.

Mahmoud Al Zahar, Hamas, will most likely be names as the Foreign Minister, according to a preliminary list of Cabinet ministers given to The Associated Press by officials in Hamas.

Said Siyam, a popular Hamas lawmaker from Gaza, has been tapped for the Interior and Civil Affairs Ministries, which control three of the five security forces.

Sources close to Abbas said that he considers the Hamas platform too vague and wants it rewritten, therefore his approval is not expected. Hamas cannot present its cabinet to the parliament with the approval of Abbas, yet he cannot impose his cabinet lineup on Hamas since it swept the majority of the parliament in the January elections.

The Palestinenet news website reported that the following ministries will most likely be distributed as follows; the information was obtain by PNN from sources close to Hamas

1.Ismail Haniyya – Hamas, Prime Minister.
2.Said Syiam- Hamas, Minister of Interior.
3.Dr. Mahmoud Zahhar-Hamas, Foreign Minister.
4.Dr. Omar Abdul-Raziq-Hamas, Finance Minister.
5.Dr. Nasser Al Sha’er- close to Hamas, Minister of Education.
6.Dr. Abdul-Halim Al Hanbali, close to Hamas, Minister of Agriculture.
7.Dr. Sameer Abu Aisha, close to Hamas, Minister of Planning.
8.Dr. Nasser Abdul-Jawad, Hamas, Minister of Detainees Affairs.
9.Mr. Nayef Al Rajoub, Hamas, Minister of Waqf and Islamic Affairs.
10.Mr. Farah Al Ghoul, Hamas, Minister of Justice.