Nabeel Abu Rodeina, the spokesperson of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said on Saturday that Abbas does not intend to resign, and that what the Israeli media  published on the issue are rumors that aim to spread chaos in the Palestinian territories.
“Abbas does not intends to resign”, Abu Rodeina stated, “He did not even think about this issue, he does not intend to dissolve the P.A”.

Also, Tayyeb Abdul-Rahim,  Palestinian Presidency Secretary-General, denied Israeli reports which claimed that he demanded Abbas to resign or dissolve the government.

Abdul-Rahim added that he asked Abbas to weigh the demands of Fateh members, academics and  journalists who asked him to dissolve the P,A.

“Israel is conducting unilateral procedures, ignoring the P.A, denying the presence of a Palestinian partner,  and repeatedly humiliating us”, Abdul-Rahim stated, “Israel did not respect any of the signed agreements, did not transfer the tax  and customs money, this all accumulates to the international threats to cut the financial aid”.

Meanwhile, Dr, Sa’eb Erikat, in charge of the negotiations file at the Palestinian Liberation Organization (P.L.O) said that Israel is attempting to  terminate the P.A and insists on rejecting the Road Map Plan and the resumption of the negotiations.

“Israel is not interested in a Palestinian peace partners”, he added, “Israel wants to annex Jerusalem, and terminate the file of the refugees and final status negotiations”.