Mark Otteh, European Union envoy said the EU will not cease its aid to the Palestinian People and will remain partner for the Palestinian People pointing that the situation nit he Palestinian territories is very hard.
Otteh said he discussed with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ways of resuming aid to the Palestinian people pointing that the EU is waiting for the new government to be formed and to present its political program.

The European Union has recently donated 120 million US dollars to the Palestinian Authority in addition to 64 millions to the UNRWA.

 Nabil Abu Rudeina, senior advisor for Abbas said Otteh discussed with Abbas the current political situation including the formation of the new government and ways of cooperation between the new government and the EU.

Abu Rudeina stressed that if the international community is not happy with Hamas, they should not punish the Palestinian People who democratically elected Hamas. He reiterated his call for the International Community to support the Palestinian People.