A transcript released by the Palestinian Hamas party describes their planned program for the Palestinian government, including the statement, "The government shall deal with the signed agreements with a high sense of responsibility in a manner that protects the highest interests of the people."

According to the official transcript, the program of the next Palestinian government is as follows:

1- Removal of occupation and building the independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty with al-Quds (Occupied East Jerusalem) as its capital and to support the steadfastness of Palestinian people and reject partial solutions and the status quo policy.

2- To cling to the right of return for the Palestinian refugees to their homes and properties since this is an individual and general right that cannot be conceded.

3- To work on releasing the prisoners and confronting the occupation measures on the ground in terms of assassinations, arrests and incursions (in particular the Judaization of Jerusalem and the annexation of the Jordan Valley, and the expansion of the settlements, and disconnection of the West Bank and the apartheid wall and what resulted from such measures through activating the ICJ decision on this issue) and to confront the collective punishment and refuse extortion and stealing of the funds of the PNA.

4- Resistance in its various forms is a legitimate right of the Palestinian people to end the occupation and regain the national rights.

5- In case the occupation state recognizes our people and their national rights and honor them and in case it offers a serious proposal to implement them with assurances on comprehensive withdrawal from the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, including Jerusalem then we can consider mechanism of negotiations.

6- To conduct a comprehensive reform process of the internal situation and fight corruption and solve the problem of unemployment and build the institutions of the people and society on democratic principles that guarantee justice and equality and partnership and exercise political pluralism and enforce the rule of the law and separation between the authorities and provide the independence of the judiciary system and protect it and protect private and public freedoms.

7- Build the various national institutions on national and professional bases away from monopoly and partisan principles.

8- The government affirms on what has been agreed upon with the Palestinian factions in the Cairo dialogue in March 2005 on the issue of the PLO and stresses on the need to expedite the necessary measures.

9- The government shall deal with the signed agreement with high sense of responsibility in a manner that protects the highest interests of the people and protects their rights without affecting the constant rights.

10- The government shall deal with international resolutions with national responsibility in a manner that protects and saves the constant rights of the Palestinian people in case the occupation state commits itself to implement those rights.

11- To maintain and protect the independence of the Palestinian national decision

12- To have good positive and friendly and balanced relations based on mutual respect with the Arab and Islamic countries and with the various world countries and private institutions.