In an escalation against the Palestinian community in Iraq, a group calling themselves the "Brigades of the Judgment Day" distributed a leaflet in the area of Huriyah in Baghdad city warning Palestinians in the area to leave the country.

The leaflet said that the Palestinians have ten days to leave that area, and will be facing the death and extermination after that.

Palestinians were described as betrayers and supporters of Wahabies infidels, Bathist and Sad’damis.

The threats are coming in an atmosphere of horror was spread among Palestinians in Iraq especially after many of them were killed for not known reasons and many were killed for helping the resistance in the country.

Some Palestinian families have attempted to flee to Jordan, but when the Jordanian authorities turned them away, found themselves stuck in the ‘no-man’s land’ between the Jordanian and Iraqi borders.  The Palestinians fled because they felt they were not safe or secure in their homes in Iraq, due to the general chaos and lawlessness, as well as the specific threats against Palestinians.

The Iraqi government and US troops have said they would protect the Palestinians and other Arab communities in the country, but for the last three years of occupation no such protection has been forthcoming.  Meanwhile, threats and attacks against Palestinians in Iraq have been ongoing.

American Christian Peacemaker Tom Fox, who was killed by kidnappers several weeks ago, worked with Palestinian refugees and accompanied several busloads of refugees to the Syrian border in an attempt to seek asylum there, just before he was kidnapped in February.