A Palestinian security source in the West Bank of Hebron reported that extremist settlers  attacked Bedouins living in tents in the south of Hebron; two residents suffered mild-to-moderate wounds.
A medical source at the Hebron hospital reported that one of the residents was severely clubbed and punched on his head.    

Israeli peace activists reported that extremist settlers of the Hafat Ya’ir illegal outpost attacked the Bedouins while they were sleeping in their tens using clubs and knives.   

Meanwhile, the Israeli police claimed that a complaint was filed regarding this issue but it wont’ be officially probed until the the two residents are released from the Alia Hospital in Hebron.

The police also said that it will be difficult to probe the attack since a “third party” filed the complaint; the third party is the Israeli peace activists.

Moreover, the police added that the residents are currently hospitalized in a Palestinian hospital in Hebron, therefore the probe should be delayed until they are released in order to enable the Israeli authorities investigate the attack.   

Settlers of Hafat Ya’er illegal outpost repeatedly attacked the Palestinian residents in an attempt to force them leave their land. The Israeli army annexed the area “for military purposes” but the settlers remained.  

Hafat Ya’ir outpost, inhibited by 60 settlers living in 21 caravans,  was installed in February 2001 on Palestinian lands, most of the lands used for the outpost are privately owned by the residents.