The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, decided to appoint Dr. Khalil Al Hayya, as the head of its bloc at the Palestinian Legislative Council as the former head  Mahmoud Zahhar was appointed as the new Palestinian foreign minister in the new government formation.

Spokesman of the bloc, deputy Dr. Salah Al Bardaweel, affirmed, in a statement to the Palestinian Information Center, that the Movement has indeed appointed Al-Hayya as head of its PLC bloc, and that MP Yasser Mansour was appointed as his first deputy in lieu of deputy Atef Odwan who was appointed as state minister.

He commented on the new distribution of the PLC committees saying that the movement’s leaders have spent long time in deliberating the matter, and then reached a consensus.

Al Bardaweel added that Hamas gave Fateh movement chairmanship of four vital committees, including committees of security and the political affairs.

“We are attempting to achieve a genuine political partnership", he stated.