On Wednesday morning, Israeli forces conducted a wide-scale invasion, breaking into and searching several homes in the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Israeli forces took fifteen Palestinians to unknown locations during Wednesday’s invasion, including a woman.

Residents report that Israeli forces invaded early in the morning, as several jeeps entered into the Old City and surrounding neighborhoods, breaking into numerous homes.

Local sources also report that Israeli soldiers besieged a number of buildings, including the Ashkar Building on Haifa Street, the Asaylowi Building near the Salam Mosque, and the Afuri Building. Israeli forces also besieged several neighborhoods, including Sheikh Muslim, Al Yasmina, and Krayun.

According to eyewitnesses, the sounds of huge explosion were heard near the Agha Dewan, around the Fatima School, and in Khalit Al Amoud neighborhood. There was also an exchange of fire with members of the armed resistance who attempted to stop the invasion.

Photographer Elisa Dowli told PNN Wednesday, “A number of stores were damaged due to the Israeli explosions and the soldiers’ forceful entry.”

Mortaz Sharaf, Tamar Al Usta and Mohammad Asimham from Nablus, as well as Zakia Al Najah from Burein Town south of the city, are now with Israeli forces in unknown locations.

In another incident, the people of Kafr Kalil Village witnessed an Israeli military helicopter landing at 7 am this morning in the Huwara military installation in southern Nablus, where Israeli forces occupy the Huwara Checkpoint. A number of high-ranking Israeli military officers were in the helicopter, thought to be present in order to over-see the operation.