Extremist settlers in Jerusalem, and under-cover units of the Israeli army. attacked on Sunday a four-story Palestinian residential building in Al Tour village, east of Jerusalem, and forced the families out.

The attacked building is located in Al Mansouriyya neighborhood in Al Tour, the building overlooks at the Al Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Um Basil Al Hawa, who resided in one of the forcedly evacuated houses reported that dozens of settlers protected by policemen attacked the building, broke into a house rented by  Ahmad Hijazi and forced him out after throwing his furniture from the windows.

She added that the settlers broke into her house later on and forced her, along with her three children, out of her house.  

Dozens of residents arrived at the attacked building at attempted to remove the settlers which inflamed clashes with the Israeli police who arrested three residents.

The three were identified as Mahmoud Hawwa, Adel Abu Al Hawa, and Sufian Abu Al Hawa.
The attacked building belongs to Ali Abu Al Hawa who traveled abroad recently leaving his wife and three children behind.

After occupying the building, the settlers changed the lock of the main door of and barred the residents from entering.

The settlers have recently attacked several buildings in the area and claimed ownership.

Abu Basil, the brother of Ali Abu Al Hawa, said that lawyer Yousef Al Haj has repeatedly offered him and his brother to sell the house to the settlers for a half million US Dollars but they refused.

Recently, extremist settlers groups carried repeated attacks against Palestinian houses in Jerusalem and attempted to control them.

The settlers are also barring the children from playing in certain areas in addition to barring the Palestinian residents from walking in several streets that the settlers claim ownership.